This sculture sold for $1,200 at last night's art auction.
Hundreds of people turned out to bid on hundreds of pieces of art related to bikes and made from recycled bicycle parts at the 2011 BICAS Art Auction last night.

BICAS’ Kylie Walzak said they are still tallying up the totals, but it looks like this year’s fundraiser will surpass last year’s in which they raised $14,000. She said it may even be a record.

The big ticket item this year was, Chico the Chihuahua, which went for $1,200.

The auction is BICAS’ major fundraiser each year.

Check out the video and photos below to see some of the art that was auctioned and the entertainment provided.

One thought on “Sights and sounds: 2011 BICAS Art Auction”
  1. Awesome! I so sorry to have missed it. Had another photo gig. It looks amazing. I hope Bicas broke their fundraising record!

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