The 109-mile El Grupo team crosses the finish line in 5:32. Disclosure: I'm on the right with the red and white helmet. Photo by Kathleen Dreier. Find the rest of her El Tour photos at

Here are some interesting numbers from this year’s El Tour de Tucson

  • 8,695: Official number of registered participants, the second highest in history. The most was 9,120 in the 25th El Tour de Tucson in 2007.
  • 74 percent (6,414): Number of people who officially finished the El Tour de Tucson.
  • 15: Minutes longer it took for the winner of the 2010 El Tour de Tucson to reach the finish line compared to 2009.
  • 2: Minutes behind the winner, the first woman finished. In 2009, the first woman finished 14 minutes behind the leader.
  • 11: Number of hours, Jennifer Zhou, the final 109 rider took to complete the course.
  • 27 percent: Percentage of women who made up the 6,414 finishers.
  • 33 percent: Number of participants from outside Arizona, down from  38 percent of out-of-state riders in 2009.
  • 37 percent: Number of participants who call Tucson home.
  • 9,543: Number of miles traveled by Lisa Aquino from Cape Town, South Africa to ride in El Tour.
One thought on “El Tour de Tucson by the numbers”
  1. This is not accurate – as my friend and I finished the 109 mile ride in 11:51. Well after Jennifer Zhou. There were actually several people that finished after her. It just took a while for them to get the results posted.

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