The 28th El Tour de Tucson was the second biggest event in its history about 8,500 people riding. Check out the map below to see where all the riders came from. You can zoom in and click on the red dots to see how many cyclists came from each location.

You can find the results on Perimeter Bicycling’s website, or you can use this database below to search for people. Click the magnifying glass on the top left to search or click one of the columns to sort the data. The results were provided by Perimeter and CEP Timing.

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Here are all the photos I could find online. If you know of more links or photographers add new galleries, please post a comment and I’ll update the list. Check back often.

Here are all the stories and ride recaps online so far.

If you come across a ride report or photos that aren’t yet posted here, please post a link in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “El Tour de Tucson roundup: Photos, map, links and more”
  1. Hey, Tucson Velo, thanks for the cool Google map! Red Star likes that it shows a few cyclists from across many waters, and they found their way to the Old Pueblo for El Tour. Even from Hawaii and Japan! There must be stories and journalism (not beer-gut journalism like Arizona Daily Star and the local tv Heathers) in that. Who, really, are these people? What? Why? How did they get their bikes here?

    maybe next year?

  2. Thanks. I’d love to spend a little time tracking them down. They would make great human interest stories. Hopefully this time next year, I’ll have more time to devote to the site too.

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