I received an email from Paul Austin, the Rincon Mountain District Ranger, about the 42nd Annual Labor Day Run being held at Saguaro National Park East.

Austin writes:

We expect a record crowd and are mitigating parking issues along the road, but encourage people not participating in the event to choose an alternative route or at least be very aware when passing by the park entrance. The gate at Old Spanish Trail will be closed and the paved road (both the Cactus Forest Loop and 2-way to the picnic area) will be closed past the entrance station to those not participating in the run. The event will be over by 10am.

We will have Rangers on Old Spanish Trail, Escalante, and Freeman enforcing parking regulations and slowing traffic but have a concern with the cyclist/vehicle/pedestrian conflict potential: Opening car doors, cyclists being pushed into the traffic lane due to vehicles parked in part of the bike lane, speeding vehicles, etc.


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