The fatal crash occurred at 9 a.m. this morning near South Calexico Avenue and Escalante Road.
Edward Gomez Nava

Updates: Driver arrested in fatal bicycle crash had previous DUIs

Victim in weekend hit-and-run crash had recently returned to riding

A Tucson cyclist was struck and killed on Tucson’s east side this morning.

According to a Tucson Police Department press release, 56-year-old Albert Eugene Brack was riding east on Escalante when the driver of a Ford F150 pickup veered into the bike lane and struck Brack from behind.

The driver of the truck fled the scene. The truck was spotted a short time later and the driver, 48-year old Edward Gomez Nava, was located on foot a short distance away from the pickup.

Officers are investigating whether alcohol was involved.

Nava was was arrested and charged with one count each of 2nd Degree Murder, Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Collision, and Criminal Damage ‚ÄĒ all felonies.

Brack was taken to a local hospital, but died from his injuries.

The crash occurred around 9 a.m. near the intersection of Escalante Road and South Calexico Avenue.

20 thoughts on “Updated: Cyclist killed in east-side crash”
  1. Especially distressing that you can’t even bike in the early morning without fear of drunk drivers. RIP Albert.

  2. Especially distressing that you can’t even bike in the early morning without fear of drunk drivers. RIP Albert.

  3. Wow! that was within a block of a stop sign wide road with east and west bound lanes separated by a large dirt median with really good sight lines no curves and flat.  40 mph speed limit about to drop to 35mph at Camino Seco.  The effective width of the bike lane is narrow but not that narrow.  Something had to have gone really wrong.  My sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Albert Brack.  

  4. That area is all residential, and I would have felt safe riding there.¬† In the past I’ve set hare & hounds running trails there, and it was always quiet and lightly traveled.¬† This is really shocking.

  5. Very very sad. My condolences to the families. In addition to alcohol, I hope TPD checks phone/text records.

  6. I have heard that DUI charges are waiting on a toxicology test and other charges will be ramped up accordingly if “substances” are found in his bloodstream.

  7. This is very sad news.
    Bicyclists should ride on sidewalks like I did as a kid or pay the money to work out at the gym so they will stay safe.
    Condolences to the family of this tragic event.

  8. You should not be allowed to drive OVER people as they have the right to ride on streets legally. You comment is insanely stupid. 

  9. It’s not stupid.¬† I wish we were allowed to ride on sidewalks, or be given designated lanes AWAY from the road.¬† I would NEVER ride a bike anywhere on a¬† road in Tucson, not the way people drive here.

  10. Al Brack was a friend of mine from where we worked at a large defense contractor. ¬† Hadn’t seen him a a quite a few years, then met up with him again – ¬†sure enjoyed his company. ¬† Very nice, supportive and genuine sort of guy. ¬†All my best to his family – I’m sure you’ll miss him deeply, as will I. ¬†

  11. This is an idiotic comment. I ride at 20+ mph, and am not that fast compared to other cyclists. To say we should be on the sidewalk with relatively oblivious pedestrians it’s completely ignorant. Instead, drivers of ALL types of vehicles, cars AND bikes should know the laws that apply to the operation of their vehicle.

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