Chloe Woodruff navigates the sand pile at Tucson's cyclocross race on Sunday.

Local pro mountain bike racer, Chloe Woodruff, was one of nine cyclists selected for the USA Women’s Mountain Bike Long Team last week.

Woodruff, who splits time between Tucson and Boulder, Colo., said the announcement was a real honor. She said two of the nine riders will be selected for the short team and get to represent the United States in the London Olympics.

“The long team is kind of the first round of selection,” she said. “It would definitely be a long shot for me to be on the (short) team this year — 2016 is more of a long-term goal of mine.”

Woodruff said the nine riders will ride for their own teams and train on their own for the year. She said the short team will be determined by the nine riders’ results at the Mountain Bike World Cups.

“What it comes down to is your performance from end of March through June, that is where your evaluation period takes place,” she said. “The best performing two riders will be the ones that go.”

Her coach and husband Travis Woodruff said the selection to the nine-woman long team validates the hard work she has been putting in.

He said he is glad he gets to be a part of it.

Chloe is going to have a chance to go race some of these world cups and make a real run at it,” he said. “It is exciting for me to see her performing at a higher level.”

She said the selection will make her work even harder.

“I am going to be using it as motivation this year and hopefully step up another level,” she said.

3 thoughts on “Local racer makes first cut for US Olympic team”
  1. Watching Chloe’s helmet cam video of the cross race it was abundantly clear why she is a force to be reckoned with.  Congratulations to her for her selection for the long team and thanks to Mike and Chloe for the cross video.  I watched it transfixed more than a couple of times

  2. Howdy, Straw,

    If you are interested, I can put the real-time video of Chloe racing on YouTube. I figured most people wouldn’t watch a whole 8-minute lap, so I sped it up.

    The quality was severely degraded, however.

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