Ran across this story on KVOA’s site:

TUCSON – Tucson Police have arrested and booked a man in connection with a fatal traffic accident involving a bicyclist and car.

Investigators say James Walley was riding a motorized bicycle on Prince Rd., near Fairview March 26th.

The suspect, Robert Young was in his vehicle, and according to police made a turn ahead of Walley, who collided with Young’s vehicle.

Walley was transported to a hospital where he died the next day.

Detectives on the scene noticed Young displaying signs and symptoms consistent with alcohol intoxication.

Young is facing one count of second degree murder.

2 thoughts on “Man arrested for killing cyclist”
  1. The down side is he was probably arrested for killing someone while D.U.I. and has nothing to do with killing someone on a bicycle.

  2. i like riding my bike i also like to pay my bills. but when all the bikes get together and block the only road to my job i cant make any money so would you please set up a fund to pay people like me who lose money when you block the road.

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