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The map above illustrates the distance between the two finishes.

Owls are making it a little easier for cyclists competing in Saguaro Velo’s Mount Lemmon Time Trial on May 15.

Don Melhado, a USA Cycling official and Saguaro Velo member, said Coronado National Forest biologists requested the time trial finish line be moved from the Bear Canyon picnic area because a pair of spotted owls are nesting there with their young.

Melhado said the biologists told him “it would not be in the best interests of the owls to have that big of a crowd at the Bear Canyon parking area.”

Because of the request, the finish line will be at Seven Cataracts, making the course about 2.5 miles shorter.

In the future, Melhado said, they would try to have the race in the fall, which would allow the ride to finish at Bear Canyon without affecting the owls.

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One thought on “Mt. Lemmon Time Trial shortened by owls”
  1. Nice! I’m glad they are going to show respect and concern for the owls!

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