Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik (Ward 6)

I received this email from Tucson’s newest councilman, Steve Kozachik:

The item was originally brought up by the City Manager at the request of one of the other council offices. I don’t know which one was the originator, but Karin Uhlich asked that it be kept on the table for later consideration. No date has yet been set.
I will not be supporting the fee as I believe it would not only not increase revenues to the city (cost of the program would exceed fees collected) but it would discourage the very thing we’re trying to encourage; that is, getting people out of their cars and onto bikes and other alternative transit options.

So far, both Councilman Rodney Glassman, who voted against even keeping the bike licensing as an option, and Councilman Steve Kozachik have said they won’t support the idea.

You can read the original story here.

4 thoughts on “Newest council member won’t support licensing”
  1. Steve is an interesting guy. I’m fairly certain he refuses to set foot in a car. You’ll frequently see him riding and walking around midtown. He’s also an ultra endurance athlete if I’m not mistaken.

    As far as I know, no one has interviewed him about his stance on bikes and transit. It would be nice to know where he’s at on those issues.

    Bike licensing is a bad idea and I don’t think anyone will go for it.

  2. Uhlich is pretty pro bike too. She’s a big supporter of the 4th Ave Bike Boulevard project if I am not mistaken. Maybe the registration thing is a bad idea but the idea of a small tax charged at the point of sale in bike shops to tubes, bikes and other parts is gaining traction elsewhere. Maybe that should be considered. Pretty good arguement for it if you ask me from what I read here: http://streetsblog.net/2010/03/24/revisiting-the-idea-of-a-bicycle-tax/

  3. There has got to be some value in what
    bicycles DON”T require of the transportation
    structure. The numbers and usage are so
    disproportionate: a commenter in the link
    above figured a fair share to be 85¢.
    Most of us drive, too, and pay our fees and
    choose to use the road in a less traumatic
    manner. I’m really tired of the double talk
    from the city advocating increased bike use
    and doing substantially nothing to really
    encourage it. Even the mention of a fee
    is a step backwards. Better be charging the
    skateboarders in the bike lanes and the
    runners and walkers on the multi-use paths
    something, too. We already pay….and require
    less. We shouldn’t acquiesce to any consequence
    car-headed government wants to lay on us for
    our commitment to bicycling.

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