This photo doesn't do it justice, but there were streams of kids on bikes at the intersection of University Boulevard and Euclid.

Something very cool happened this morning when my wife, baby and I were driving home after a run and breakfast on Fourth Avenue. (I can’t wait until Luci’s helmet fits!)

We were attempting to turn left onto Euclid from University Boulevard, but we couldn’t. Why not? We couldn’t make the left because there was a stream of kids on bikes. There were so many kids on bikes that when the light changed to red, a large collection of kids and adults had to stop and wait for the next green light.

Ignacio Rivera de Rosales was leading a group of middle-school students from Khalsa Montessori School on a ride from their school at River and Dodge to BICAS for an art project.

The 14-mile ride was part of Pima County’s bicycle and pedestrian education program. Rivera de Rosales, who is Pima County’s bicycle educator, goes to schools to teach students about bicycle safety. At the end of the week, the students go for a ride.

Rivera de Rosales even had the students shouting, “Pothole,” so the riders behind them could avoid it.

It was a welcome sight.

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  1. Ignacio is a cool dude. He does a great work with El Grupo. Helped me with a commuter bike from Bicas when my old frame died. Keep up the good work!!

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