Editor’s note: There were three great bicycle events happening this weekend. Be sure to check back later today for updates on the El Grupo Scavenger Hunt and the Velociprints Bicycle Art Show.

The Greater Arizona Bicycling Association’s bi-annual bike swap closed the southern end of Fourth Avenue for the last time on Saturday.

According to organizer Greg Yares, construction on the streetcar will prevent anyone from using Fourth Avenue for events for the next several years. He said even when the streetcar is finished, it’s likely only the Fourth Avenue Street Fair will be allowed to close the street.

Yares said he’s working on securing 9th Avenue Street west east of Fourth Avenue for the spring swap on April 15 and perhaps for all future swaps.

He’s hoping the new location will cover more distance and he is planning to allow more people to pay a $100 fee for a reserved spot. Both those things should make it easier for people to find space at the swap and prevent people from camping out to get a spot.

Check out the photos from the final GABA Bike Swap on Fourth Avenue.

You can find more photos around the web below:

Tucson GABA Bike Swap Fall 2011 Photos: Have No Fear

Esens Photography: GABA Bike Swap

Check back for posts about the other bike events that happened this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Final GABA bike swap on 4th Avenue”
  1. Interesting. Isn’t 9th street Bicas street? Will the neighbors like that? People live on that street.

  2. Interesting. Isn’t 9th street Bicas street? Will the neighbors like that? People live on that street.

  3. 9th Avenue is indeed where BICAS is located. It’s at the intersection of 9th Avenue and 6th Street.

    I’m thinking that the bike swap will set up shop in the parking lot that’s at the southeast corner of this intersection. This space has lots of visibility — and parking. Even though this event is about bicycles, quite a few people drive to it.

    As for the fees for reserved spaces, it’s high time this happened. I’ve long thought that the sellers should pay something, with commercial vendors paying more than the Jane and John Q. Publics who need to clean out the garage.

  4. I messed up the details. I wrote Ninth Avenue west of Fourth Avenue. It should have read Ninth Street east of Fourth Avenue.

    Basically the swap will move right around the corner from Fourth Avenue.

  5. Oh, 9th street east of 4th is better. Those vendors don’t get enough love. 
    Whoa, so the modern street car will mess up all events on 4th for years? Did they know that before they voted for it? I don’t think that trolley will be successful. If you want to get downtown from the UofA you already have the CatTran, plus Old Pueblo Trolley, plus your bike, plus your feet. Plus, whatever you want is already at Main Gate Square or on campus. Boo to you MSC.

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