A bikey vending machine in the Missing Link Cooperative, which is a bike shop owned cooperatively by its employees and less like a co-op like BICAS, in Berkeley, Calif.

I was going through the last of my photos from our trip to the Bay Area and while none of them fit with the posts I already wrote, I still thought they were worth sharing.

Check out the gallery below to see the photos.


3 thoughts on “Photos: One last post about the Bay Area”
  1. Hey, those are some nice pics of our shop!  Not sure why you say we are not “like a co-op” though. There are different kinds of cooperatives – we are a worker coop (like Box Dog Bikes and Nabolom Bakery), which means that the workers cooperatively own and operate the business. In fact, we just had a membership meeting last night talking about Stuff until 10 pm.  There are other kinds of coops – consumer co-ops (like REI), producer co-ops (common in the agricultural industry especially dairy), and housing co-ops.  Anyway, I love Tuscon.  I saw some amazing bike art the last time I was there at the big fix-up-your-bike place that I’ve forgotten the name of and went on a bike camping excursion into the desert.

  2. Thanks for the info Danita. I was going on info some of the guys at the shop told me and what people here in Tucson think of when we hear bike co-op.

    We think of BICAS, which is the place I think you are referring to in your comment.

    I suppose we tend to think of a non-profit type place that helps people work on their bikes, informs and educates.

    Based on what some of the mechanics told me, they said it wasn’t really a co-op so I went with it.

    It’s really cool that you guys are employee owned. I didn’t know that. I’ll change the caption to reflect the info you provided.

    Thanks again for checking in.

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