Remember the bicycle book mobile project the Pima County Library was putting together?

Well now they are looking for volunteers to help them at events around the city.

Here are the details from the Pima County Library page.

Do you love books and bikes? If so, you can combine these two passions by becoming a volunteer for the Pima County Public Library’s Bookbike – a three-wheeled non-motorized bookmobile project.

The Bookbike, and Bookbike volunteers, will represent Pima County Public Library at events in Tucson. Bookbike volunteers will stock the shelves of the Bookbike then accompany and assist the Pima County Bike Ambassador, who will ride the Bookbike to the event. The books will be given away free of charge to readers.

You are invited to spin your literary wheels!

If bikes and books sounds like the perfect combination to you:

For more information contact Karen Greene at 594-5295 ext. 3 or

The inspiration for the Pima County Public Library Bookbike comes from Gabriel Levinson’s Book Bike in Chicago.



One thought on “Pima County book bike needs volunteers to get rolling”
  1. Perhaps the Bookbike could be showcased at the next Tucson-Pima BAC meeting, Wednesday, January 11, 2012…

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