Two Tohono O’Odham police officers parked along the shootout route on Saturday to ensure cyclists were following the rules of the road.

The officers said they weren’t allowed to speak to the media, but confirmed that no citations were issued and that the groups were smaller and better behaved than last week.

Ralph Phillips, owner of Fair Wheel Bikes, addressed the early shootout group reminding them to be on their best behavior especially through the most residential area.

Check out the video below from the morning’s ride.

YouTube version here.

5 thoughts on “Police present during shootout; no citations issued”
  1. I was on the first shootout, flatted before leaving town, was therefore last, and witnessed the results. There were FOUR police units between Drexel and the guardrail on Mission. Two of them had a rider stopped with them and I assumed they were giving citations to those 2. Or had they stopped for a different reason?

  2. Hi, Dave,

    Where did you see the officers? I saw one Just south of Drexel on the east side of the road and one south of Valencia on the west side of the road.

    I turned around and went to chat with the officer that was stationed south of Valencia. Perhaps you saw me.

    You said there was a second rider stopped? Where was that?

  3. Hi Tucsonvelo,

    There were four officers on Mission on Saturday morning. There were two on the West side of Mission just South of Valencia. There must have been an accident as a ambulance pulled up just as we were going through the intersection. There was one cyclist standing next to the one police vehicle. I did not see another cyclist nearby but perhaps they were behind one of the vehicles? There were two other police cruisers further down the road, both on the east side of Mission, one by Los Reales and another by San Xavier road. Both were very pleasant and waved with big smiles as we went by. We left Old Main around 6:45 and casually road to the area so the Shootout had been gone for some time.

  4. I was the cyclist standing next to the police SUV. The ambulance was for something totally unrelated to the bike ride and was heading toward a house.

    I didn’t know there were two more cruisers down the road because I turned around to go talk with the officers near Valencia.

  5. Until the day law enforcement starts issuing tickets to the motorists who violate the law when it comes to a cyclist they should leave them alone <and learn that we have a right to be out there . Ride on family

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