In the last few weeks Pima County has done some paving that should prove popular with cyclists in the region.

The first, Campbell Avenue between River and Sunrise Roads, was repaved early this month but still has some issues.

A few hundred yards of Campbell just north of River Road is in City of Tucson jurisdiction. Pima County’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager Matt Zoll said he has emailed the city about adding bike lanes to their section, but hasn’t heard back yet.

Additionally, for southbound cyclists there are several private driveways that eat into the shoulder.

“For those particular locations on Campbell we’ll need to see what rider feedback is because they look like they can be acceptable for now,” Zoll wrote. “I prefer to replace them with pavement but we’ve done some other ones where we’ve left in the concrete driveways and they’ve worked well. The seam will have to be maintained over time so we have to watch them.”

Lastly there is a pinch point for southbound cyclists that essentially eliminates the shoulder and forces cyclists into roadway.

Zoll said it’s a challenging and costly fix. The county will have to work with the property owner to reconfigure the driveway and build a retaining wall to push back a hill that cuts into the shoulder.

“At this time there will be a sign placed within a few weeks that indicate ‘Shoulder Ends Ahead’ or something to that effect, with a second sign that states ‘Share the Road,'” Zoll wrote. “This will be a short-term advisory condition as I’ve already been talking with our staff about scheduling a construction fix there hopefully as soon as possible.”

Check out the video below to see what it looks like. The portion with the obstruction occurs around 1:15 in the video.


Kolb/Craycroft half loop

The second repaving project was the Kolb/Craycroft loop north of Sunrise Road, which has been a popular road for cyclists. As you can see from the video below portions of the route have shoulders for cyclists.

6 thoughts on “Popular cycling routes get fresh pavement”
  1. Instead of “share the Road” they should use “yield to bicyclists” It would help the cars be more respectable in the turn.

  2. How did the whole Arizona Inn neighborhood get repaved and not 3rd?!?   The downhill on Kolb will be sweet!

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