Now that more than 1,000 posts have been published on, there are bound to be a few useful things that you missed or things you have forgotten about.

I’ve added a page to the bar on the top of the site to keep track of helpful resources published here and to link to other resources that could be of use to you.

If you think something should be included, leave a comment.

Here is the list so far:

Bike map: Find a route using the Tucson region bike map.

Low stress routes around Tucson: How to get from A to B without a lot of traffic

Groceries: How to shop on your bike

Go car light: Tips for ditching the second car

Stolen Bikes: Prevent your bike from being stolen and what to do if it is stolen

Potholes: Get the pothole that makes you batty filled

Detailed UA bike map: Use this bike map to navigate through campus

Riding in the cold: Learn how to stay warm when the temperature drops

Repair your bike: Learn more about the BICAS class that helps you fix your bike

Safety courses: Check out the bike safety course for Tucson youngsters

Please add your own resources to the comment section and keep it Tucson specific.



3 thoughts on “Resources for Tucson cyclists”
  1. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) as it relates to cyclists, and to motorists.

    Tucson Municipal Code as it relates to cyclists, and to motorists.

    TPD, especially OPS.

    Anything having to do with mountain bikes, the kind Tucson’s Transpo Director, Jim Glock, recommends Old Pueblo commute/util cyclists ride.

  2. If we could bribe Erik Ryberg to post his “what to do if you’ve been in an accident” pamphlet, that would be helpful. I got a copy at the bike swap, but not at the most recent one.

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