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A cyclist seriously injured in a hit and run on Thursday is seeking witnesses or help finding the driver of the truck that hit him.

Justin Donaldson wrote in an email that he was riding north on the Fourth Avenue bicycle boulevard just south of Speedway Boulevard when a newer model white van, possibly a Ford, towing a white trailer sped up to get around him and then attempted to pull into the right hand turn lane.

Donaldson said when the driver pulled into the turn lane, the trailer struck him and launched him and his bike to the side of the road.

He said trailer sped off eastbound on Speedway.

His bike was totaled and Donaldson was seriously injured. He said his shoulder was dislocated and he spent three days hours in the hospital. His shoulder will likely need surgery as well.

A driver in the area saw the hit and run, but did not get a license plate number.

Donaldson is hoping to get the word out among the cycling community to keep their eyes open for the van and trailer. If you spot it, you can reach him via email.

10 thoughts on “Tucson hit-and-run victim seeks help from community”
  1. I’ve had close calls at this intersection too. This despite the fact that I wear a bright orange vest and try to be alert.

    They’re trying to KILL us out there. And what are we doing about it?

    It’s time to have a civil rights movement for non-motorized users of common space. So, bicyclists and pedestrians, are you in? It’s time to stop agonizing and start organizing.

  2. One thing I’d really like to know is why does hit and run seem to the be norm here? As a German, I am nothing less but shocked at the number of hit and runs I have heard about or witnessed myself since I moved to the US. What is it that makes the same society that is renowned across the world for placing such high values on integrity courtesy, responsibility and fairness hurt others and then run from it? I’m really baffled. I can’t figure this out.

  3. Yes!! And I think it’s time to do it with a “No more Mr. Nice Guy” attitude. We need to be as aggressive about it as a reckless driver texting behind the wheel of his speeding pickup truck. It’s come to the point where I want to take a gun along when I ride my bike.

  4. I see this behavior of drivers all the time, speeding up to try and “make it” in front of a cyclist before they turn right, instead of letting the cyclist pass and then turn. There needs to be something done about this, such as bring awareness to this in the drivers education. I was absolutely shocked to hear there are no questions in the drivers tests that relate to cyclists. How is that possible? Clearly, cyclists don’t have their lobbying in order in the state capitol. Here is what I do about reckless drivers behavior: I honk at them with my AirZound bike horn (it is deafening!)

  5. I’m no fan of loud noise, but a blast-in to protest reckless driving might get some attention. So, Daniel, I’ll be there with my personal alarm. Et tu?

    Enough of this Ride of Silence stuff. LET’S MAKE NOISE!

  6. Thanks for posting this, I have already got a tip on a possible lead to the driver. The story states that I spent 3 days in the hospital, I actually spent 3 hours in the ER getting my arm relocated (I do not recommend this to anyone). I am very lucky, this guy sped up to get around me and launched my bike in a twirl with me on it… It was a roll of the dice as to how I landed. The result, a trashed bike, a body that looks like its been through a wood chipper, an immobile arm (temporarily I hope) and 9 days off work… but at least I can walk. I am going to invest in a helmet camera when I get back on… this has helped other hit and run victims. Thanks again to Tucson Velo for posting this.

  7. Hey, Justin! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Anything else we can do to help?

    Remember, your Tucson Velo homies have your back, so if there’s anything you need, just holler, okay?

  8. Justin, you’ve probably already done this, but if not, be sure to check to see if the church has security cameras that may have caught what happened.

  9. i literally scream when i go through a intersection. usually yell “look out” believe me everyone stops.

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