The University of Arizona Police Department has completed the education phase of their bicycle safety campaign and are moving into the enforcement phase.

Starting this week, police officers on campus will no longer be handing out warnings, but will instead be handing out tickets ranging from $105 to $214.

UAPD tends to target stop signs around campus. Check out the map below for some of the likely candidates.

View Stop signs on UA Campus in a larger map

Cyclists who do receive a tickets are eligible for a bicycle diversion class to avoid paying the fine and preventing the ticket from being sent to their insurance. More information about the diversion class can be found here.


One thought on “UAPD move into enforcement phase on campus”
  1. Don’t count on the diversion classes being available. When I got a ticket for riding the sidewalk, I found out that they were “full” (after being on hold for a half hour).

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