On a recent trip to Whole Foods on Speedway, I spotted this bicycle repair station outside it’s doors.

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped in to that location.

Apparently the station went up a few months ago and was put in by the store management because they recognized many of their customers were bicyclists.

It’s interesting to see some businesses recognizing the value of cyclists and trying to make it a better experience for bike riders.

8 thoughts on “Whole Foods adds bike fix-it stations”
  1. Nice, I guess. Did they add back reasonably placed bicycle parking too? I stopped going to WF Spdwy when they added the tables on the north sidewalk which necessitated the bike parking being moved east to pretty much Zia’s.

    I carry a decent pump, tubes and enough tools to fix a flat on the road. While a work station seems like a nice idea it will not influence my decision about where to shop. The last flat I fixed was at TJ’s Campbell. My biggest issue was getting my hands clean afterwards. I think that other than the air which might appeal to beginning cyclists this work station is an answer to a question I’m not asking.

    For me well placed high quality bicycle parking where I can park a bike in a location that’s near a door (security) is what makes me feel welcome at a store. Hint to EXO Roasters, locking to trees ain’t gettin’ it guys.

  2. I can’t say that I’m a frequent shopper at Whole Paycheck. But I do think this is a good trend.

  3. I second the comment about restoring some of those front bike racks they ripped out for deli tables that no one ever seems to be using when I am there. I feel so second class parking at the ghetto rack in the back.

  4. They probably mean well, and someone at their corporate or district level probably approved it, but safe parking of bikes and safe-for- the-cyclist parking would probably drive more cyclist traffic to the store. That means bike parking at one of the doors.

    There is a rack at Performance a couple hundred yards away that is probably safe during their hours. You would have to walk from and back to, of course.

  5. I understand that the exo guys are working on it — I personally hope to see a corral out there. You know it’ll get used!

  6. This was something we did locally, at the store level. We have new leadership at the store and I didn’t realize that racks had been removed out front. I’ll look into adding some good, safe bike parking. Check back soon!

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