The thumbs up photo has become a running joke between my wife and I.

As I was loading the wheelbarrow (in the photo above) on to my Xtracycle, a neighbor walked over and asked where I was taking it and whether he could help me by loading it into his SUV and driving it to where I was going.

I borrowed the wheelbarrow to move a bunch of sand to fill the sandbox I built for Luci. I even used the bike to haul home the wood used to build it.

When my neighbor asked if he could help by loading it into his SUV I pointed to my own car and said I COULD drive my own, but why use a car when the bike will do the job?

Here are a few more photos of the cargo bike doing its job.

Irene and I on our anniversary date.
Hauling home a Christmas tree and dog food.
Hauling over 100 pounds of lumber to build Luci's sandbox.

Hauling people and groceries.
6 thoughts on “Why use a car when you can do it by bike?”
  1. Nice use of that space behind the seat tube with the frame bag.
    This is very good PR. I think car drivers have the illusion of bicycles loaded down with goods as very ‘third world’. You don’t fit that view. Those cultures striving for affluence head right for obtaining a car as indication of wealth. Were there any comments from your neighbor about using the bike like that. Once I was asked by a co-worker why I rode my bike to work on rainy days. I said probably the same reason he didn’t ride his bike on sunny days – just habit.
    Lots of longbikes around. We should have a parade.

  2. I’ve been thinking for sometime that it would be fun to have a long-bike ride. Want to organize is ZZ?

    It is interesting that often riding a bike for transportation is seen as something “poor” people do, yet often people who ride a bike have more dispaosable income because they aren’t paying for the car.

  3. Red Star would get into sooo much trouble if he were to consider and present Mrs Red Star as cargo…

    Must be nice.

    Anyway, you people should think about a long-bike (and other bike) demo as part of Ciclovia 2011.

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