How was you El Tour de Tucson? Leave a comment in below telling us how it went for you.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the finish line. Check out the El Tour roundup, which includes links to photos around the web, ride reports, a searchable database and a map of all El Tour de Tucson participants’ hometowns.

9 thoughts on “2010 El Tour de Tucson photos and thread”
  1. I rode with El Grupo in the 109-mile ride. We got a great starting spot and had a great first 60 miles.

    I started cramping then, but was able to work through it with some help from the other El Grupo riders.

    Our team suffered a few mechanical issues, which delayed us a few minutes.

    In the end we finished together in 5:32.

  2. I was with a team of 20 from Green Valley Sheriff Auxiliary doing traffic control to help ensure a safe passage of riders. My station was Ft Lowell and Houghton. Many, many riders thanked us as they passed. Only one rider cramped and needed attention that we radioed for his relief back to his starting point.

  3. Beautiful day temperature wise. Got windy. Quite a production, and organization is impressive. Still not sure why the Tour elders feel compelled to have you walk through the sand at CR and later to bike through desolute bumpy unsightly streets on the west side of the freeway. Also major concern at end, at dusk, where tired folks were still biking in up street (Congress?), but no one oficial was there to direct them to the left section of street or where finish line was, yet regular car traffic was being allowed in. Could have been a real serious injury in the darkness. From sidewalk, where we were waiting for pickup for a while, we had to tell at least 20 groups still coming in that finish line was up to light and left, while they were dodging cars in two lanes in fading light.

  4. I had a fabulous first 85 miles of the 109-mile ride. I averaged 21 miles an hour the first 85 but, I am a big guy and the last 24 miles of windsurfing at 12 -15 miles an hour was brutal. I still beat last years time but 38 minutes longer than my goal and narrowly missing gold for the third year stinks.

  5. First 40 miles or whatever to the second wash crossing were sketchy. We were in the first group with what felt like to be at least 400 other people and things were just scary. Saw at least five crashes and some guy relieving himself while being pushed by a teammate. Really? You couldn’t have spent the minute to get off your bike and find a bush? After the wash, groups split and the ride was much more enjoyable. Good tour but next year I think ill save myself the stress and just do it as a fun ride.

  6. Thank you for mentioning this, both positive and negative. The 40-mile event was my first organized cycling event, and, yes, I rode slowly in that headwind. I have only good things to say about the event itself, at least the first 39.5 of the 40 miles. That last bit, however, in the dark, with the finish line still active but all the booths packed up and the festivities, which I never saw, over and done with before 5:40, made for a major anticlimax to an otherwise great day.

  7. My first TdT. Pros: excellent organization, great uniformed and volunteer support, superior route and traffic control especially at intersections. The stream crossings were an interesting change from standard century routes, very cool. Cons: How about less low energy fruit (watermelon??) and more concentrated energy bread/bars at the stations. And the roads on portions of the route were absolutely horrible, maybe even not suitable for a century. I lost my computer sender from my fork due to road shock and vibration.

  8. Thank you to all the Police and volunteers who did a great job ensuring our safety through the streets of Tucson. Our Ride Yourself Fit group from Redlands, CA decided to start at the very back of the line to try to avoid the many accidents that can happen at the start line. The first 50 miles were great and then the wind started blowing. The last ten miles for me was the hardest. I thought the event was well organized. Many thanks to all the friendly people of Tucson who volunteered their time at the SAG stops. This was my first century ride and I will be back next year. Congratulations to everyone who crossed that finish line and met their own personal goals. Way to go!

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