480290_465864740143404_1486353861_nWith less than a week to go before the Ride On, Tucson hits downtown organizers are still looking for $8,000 to fund the ride.

According to an email sent out by the ride’s acting director Richard DeBernardis the group has raised about $17,000 to put on the event, but needs another $8,000.

Here’s what he wrote:

The Ride on, Tucson!  Production Committee is trying desperately to produce this event solely by contributions from the community and without the support of City and/or County Funds.  To date, we’ve raised about $17,000 and we need at least another $8,000 to help pay for all the expenses of the event.  I’m writing to you to ask your support in the form of a cash contribution anywhere from $25 – $1,000.  If you’d like to make a contribution, please write out your checks to “Perimeter Bicycling-Ride on Tucson” and mail to:  2609 East Broadway, Tucson, AZ  85716 or send us an e-mail:  Fiscal@perimeterbicycling.com and commit to a contribution.  All of your funds will go directly into the Ride on Tucson account to pay for event production expenses.  You will receive a tax-deductible contribution letter from Perimeter Bicycling for your support of this incredible fun event that hopefully, will be produced in many other cities around the USA in the future.

Ride On, Tucson is an event organized in conjunction with pro cyclists Tom Danielson, actor Patrick Dempsey and Bicycling Magazine.

The ride is billed as an opportunity to promote good health through bicycling and will take place on January 20 starting at Armory Park from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Get all the details here.

10 thoughts on “Ride On Tucson still needs $8k for event”
  1. The ride is billed as an opportunity to promote good health through bicycling – Maybe Tom could tell us a little about how his doping in cycling has contributed to his good health and fortune. Why does he get a pass when its crucify Lance week? Let’s not forget Tom has free time to do these sorts of charity rides because he is currently serving a doping suspension.

  2. Good point, Bluebike.

    I know I’ve said this on the Intertubes before, but why can’t this event be an occasion to honor local cycling heroes? Y’know, like El Grupo. Where the kids race clean and are taught sportsmanship.

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