The executive subcommittee of the Tucson Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee clarified what August’s bicycle boulevard agenda item would include on Wednesday night.

Committee member Norm Land said he wanted to give a presentation about bike boulevards, but didn’t go into specifics about what would be included in the presentation.

The executive committee asked him to include an explanation of how the RTA’s Bike and Pedestrian Working Group — an advisory committee Land participates in — operates.

Ian Johnson, a new member of the BAC and creator of Bike Boulevards for Tucson, suggested there also be a presentation about the benefits of bike boulevards in addition to recaps of previous action the BAC has taken on them.

Land said he didn’t plan to introduce a motion overturning the BAC’s March recommendation giving bike boulevards a higher ranking, a motion he proposed. But he said he wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Committee member David Bachman-Williams was not able to attend, but asked that a statement be read during the meeting.

He wrote, “I believe we need to have a concerted effort to tone down the rhetoric and quit making people beyond the BAC uncomfortable with our disagreement.  It is harming our standing and reputation as a reasonable and thoughtful body.”

The meeting discussing bike boulevards will be held at the Himmel Park Library at 6 p.m. on August 11.

Two new members join BAC

The executive committee introduced two new members if the TPCBAC.

Ian Johnson fills the Ward Two post of the BAC. Johnson is the founder of Bike Boulevards for Tucson, a website advocating for bike boulevards.

Chloe Forsman fills the city’s Ward Four spot. Forsman is an undergraduate student in the University of Arizona’s Zuckermann College of Public Health and a skilled road and mountain bike racer. Forsman is currently racing the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Europe for USA Cycling’s Women’s National Development Program.

5 thoughts on “BAC prepares for bike boulevard discussion in August”
  1. Going to a BAC meeting will make you despair for the human race. That was my reaction, anyway.

  2. I once told somebody that I would sooner cut out a kidney and feed it to the cat than join the BAC, but I do admire many of those on it.

    I don't think you should define Ian Johnson as “the founder of a website advocating for bike boulevards.” Johnson is a long-time cycling advocate of many stripes and skills, and he can regularly be seen riding his longtail around town on errands, sometimes even accompanied by his wife, riding side-saddle on the back. Pigeon-holing him as some sort of focused bike-boulevard advocate suggests political underhandedness in his appointment that didn't actually happen.

  3. Thanks for the comment Erik. It certainly wasn't my intention to pigeon-hole him nor was it my intention to suggest there was something underhanded about his appointment. (BAC members are appointed by the council member or supervisor in the district which they are representing.)

    That being said, I do think the information about the website is valuable in adding context to the issue.

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