Bill Walton will have some competition for the most recognizable sports figure on the El Tour de Tucson route this weekend.

According to officials from Perimeter Bicycling Association of America who posted on their Facebook page, former Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds will be riding in El Tour.

The Arizona Daily Star posted a story about the player and his upcoming bike ride.

Barry Bonds, Major League Baseball’s disputed home run king, is expected to ride in El Tour de Tucson on Saturday.

Founder Richard DeBernardis said Bonds, who broke baseball’s single-season (73) and career (762) home run records amid accusations of steroid abuse, has registered for the ride.

The former Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants outfielder – who retired after the 2007 season – will attend with Olympic cyclist Mari Holden, a friend, DeBernardis said.

“It’ll be really nice to have him here,” DeBernardis said.

What about you? Are you riding in El Tour? Mt training was seriously lacking this year so I am planning on riding with my sister-in-law who is doing the 40-mile version.

3 thoughts on “Barry Bonds riding El Tour de Tucson”
  1. What are you riding?  I’m so on the fence about riding this year.  I did the 40 fixed last year and it was work.  I’ve been riding more this year but breaking the downtube on the Davidson really set me back.  I’ve been riding the RB-1 and I’ve finally gotten used to it but I’m not really sure I want to ride it 42 miles not being able to coast or shift gears.  

  2. If i can figure out how to get the CETMA there, I am going to try riding it.

    Not being able to coast for the first half of the ride is kind of a pain!

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