Crews working on the Fourth Avenue/Fontana Bicycle Boulevard have started adding green pavement markings along the corridor.

Check out the photos below to see what they have done so far.

Crews added dashed lines and green pavement markings approaching Grant heading north on Fontana.
A bike box was added on Fontana for southbound cyclists.
More green paint was added to the intersection at Fontana and Glenn. The paint is designed to show cyclists that they should ride through the center of the island. White plastic domes were placed in the street to encourage drivers to make a right onto Glenn.

13 thoughts on “Bike boulevard gets pavement markings”
  1. The city needs to run some TV ads to explain to drivers and cyclists alike what bike boxes are, how you are to act around them and why they are justified.  I’d put that last sentance in capital letters but I don’t want to be rude.

    I don’t see the need for making Fontana and Glenn a right turn only for cars.  That’s not a wide enough intersection to need an island or cause any cyclist any fear.  I’m rabid for bike infrastructure but I don’t see the need for this.

  2. ……making Fontana and Glenn a right turn only for cars……
    Cars aren’t going to like that and especially at Grant not having access to Fontana from 6th. I would be very much careful there. Paint provides no protection.

  3. I live in the area shown in the photos.

    Big problem on Fontana north of Grant is that it’s been used as a race course. The traffic calming circles have cut down on this somewhat, but I think that the neighbors were tired of the zoom-through traffic that used Fontana as a shortcut up to Fort Lowell. Hence, the “right turn only” markings at Glenn and Fontana.

  4. Martha, you’re saying the neighbors requested the right-turn-only to cut down on through traffic?
    I’m not thrilled with neighborhood folks getting streets re-channeled at their whim but I’d rather have the neighbors catch the heat about this situation than it be blamed on cyclists.

  5. I seem to recall hearing that the right-turn lanes were requested by neighbors. They’d grown weary of all the zoom-through traffic that blasts up and down Fontana.

  6. Point of info: You can still proceed north onto Fontana from the intersection of Grant and 6th. But the days of using Fontana as your speedway up to Ft. Lowell are over.

    Wanna speed? Use Stone or First Avenues. But watch out for the cops. They love to ticket speeders on those two roads.

  7. Thanks for the info, Martha.
    I can see folks getting upset if there’s a lot of abuse and it sounds like that was the situation.
    Take care.

  8. I’ve tried to cross Glenn on Fontana in the morning near rush hour. That street was pretty scary for a cyclist. If the bike boulevard was going to be successful that needed to happen.

  9. On a completely unrelated note, what’s the deal with Tucson Bike Lawyer?  Is Erik OK, or did he just get tired of keeping up the blog?

  10. I’ve been in contact with Erik and the situation goes like this:

    “The hipster who transferred my site from wordpress to his own deal somehow linked it to his own account with and has vanished without paying his bills.”

    And the hosting company is not going to let Erik even pay the outstanding bill without say so from “the hipster”.

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    Matter of fact, when it comes to WordPress-based sites, GoDaddy is one of the better web hosts. Yup, that’s right. GoDaddy.

  12. Thanks for the info, James.
    I’ve never ridden Glenn at rush hour.  The only times I’ve been on it, it was pretty quiet.
    I stand corrected.

  13. Ahh-yes, one of those deals.  A lesson small business owners everywhere learn sooner or later – you can hire a “non-professional” to create/maintain your website, but make your own arrangements for hosting.  And learn enough to be able to make your own occasional backups.

    If you’re not willing to do that, then you should pay too much to a real web developer.

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