Eight months after Pima County officials said they were committed to rebuilding Barrio Trails — an unauthorized BMX park slated to be demolished for a drainage project — the park is apparently in peril yet again.

A message on both Barrio Trails’ and Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists’ Facebook pages indicate the Army Corps of Engineers is attempting to prevent the park from being rebuilt after it is demolished.

According to an email from the president of the Barrio San Antonio Neighborhood Association there will be a meeting discussing the overall project including the BMX park on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Project More located at 440 S. Park Ave.

Barrio Trails was created by Rocky Serna and is one of the only places for BMX riders to ride within the city.

Serna could not be reached, but is requesting people attend the meeting via the Barrio Trails Facebook page.

Read more about the project and why the trails are being demolished in the first place.


2 thoughts on “BMX bicycle park under threat again”
  1. I wonder why the Corps of Engineers would care one way or the other about the BMX track.  Their main concerns center on the hydrological issues and the track could be designed to have no impact on that.  I’d like to get to that meeting, I hope someone from the corp will be there.

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