Despite leaks surfacing about projects being funded by federal reinvestment grants, Pima County officials still haven’t been notified of whether they received any money to help fund the Urban Loop.

According to Matt Zoll, the county’s bike and pedestrian program manager, the federal agency in charge of doling out the money has verified the project’s status and environmental reviews.

Nanette Slusser, an assistant county administrator, said they haven’t heard anything beyond that inquiry. is reporting that the announcement will come the middle of this week.

The county submitted an application asking for $41 million from the $600 million available for economic recovery to help complete a 55-mile car-free loop ringing the city.

Slusser forwarded an email with the latest info they have:

Here is some more information about Tiger 2 Grant Awards:

1) More than $19 billion in applications were processed for $600 million in awards.
2) More than 1000 applications were received.
3) Applications outstripped awards by a ration of 30 to 1.
4) These are the known awards that have been leaked to the press in advance of the Secretary’s midweek announcement (note that this list does not include the award to NW Arkansas for the greenway project):

5) It appears that the Secretary will be in Maine midweek to unveil all recipients.

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