Comments from the Oct. 7 open house about the Copper/Flower and Seneca bike boulevards prompted the city to change some of the plans for the routes.

One comment in particular inspired a big change to the project:

“The proposed bike routes paralleling Grant Road from Oracle to Swan are a good idea. We live east of Craycroft (and north of Grant) and don’t feel safe riding in the traffic lanes as Grant currently has no bike lanes beyond Swan and no room to create any. Perhaps consideration to extend the Copper‐Flower or Seneca routes east to Tanque Verde could be done. If a route exists it would be better to designate that as a first priority. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.”

That comment made by someone at the meeting, prompted Tucson bicycle and pedestrian program manger Tom Thivener to extend the boulevards.

The Copper/Flower bike boulevard ends at the Crossroads Festival shopping center, but Thivener said the Seneca bike boulevard would be extended to Rosemont Boulevard. Thivener said he also decided to extend the boulevards farther west from Oracle Road to Fairview on the west side.

Thivener said the Seneca bike boulevard has the potential to go even farther east, but will have to be designed using other funding sources.

According to Thivener, the comments were positive.

There were twelve comments in support of the boulevards, three against and six comments that made neutral suggestions.

Thivener said the boulevards are still in need of funding, but he is optimistic that the boulevard will be completed before the Grant Road widening project is finished.

Check out some of the notable comments:

“The sooner the better! I’m 62 years old and love riding my bike. Right now for the most part I’m riding down the wash.”

“With two 6’ bike lanes on Grant I don’t see the need for one of them on Flower between Columbus and Alvernon. Put these on Swan. Don’t like the idea of increasing a lot more bicycles on our street. Money could be used more wisely to help budget shortfall. No, No, No.”

“I like the concept of bike boulevards in Tucson as a method to get more people to use bicycles for transportation. Roads with high car traffic are often dangerous to bike on even when bike lanes are available. Present or would be bicyclists deserve safe alternatives.”

Download the PDF to check out all the comments.

Check out the plans for Copper/Flower and Seneca bike boulevards.

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