A new website that promotes the funding of bike boulevards launches today.

Ian Johnson started the site and said it is designed to educate people about bike boulevards and allow them have a voice in the funding process.

“Right now it is buried beneath layers of committee meetings and in funding language that keeps people from realizing that they actually have a voice,” Johnson said. “They can help these things happen if they feel they are important. Their voices aren’t being heard on the BAC and by the people who are making the decisions.”

Johnson said right now the site’s main goal is to make it easier for the public to submit comments about the Pima Association of Government’s 2040 plan, which guides the region’s transportation planning for the next 30 years.

“We want to see if we can get a bunch of people to say, ‘Hey, I want bike boulevards and yeah I am willing to spend two minutes putting comments on this site,'” Johnson said. “I think people will be willing to do it once they realize there is an easier way to do it than filling out a PDF and mailing it in.”

After the comment period is over Johnson said they will continue to educate people about boulevards and show them how they can participate in the process.

Bike boulevards were not on the ballot measure when the half-cent sales tax was approved in 2006, but Johnson said it shouldn’t matter.

“Just because the words ‘bike boulevards’ weren’t in the RTA plan from four years ago, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want them and we should just eliminate them from consideration,” Johnson said. “I think people do want them. I think the intent of the voters is really important.”

Check out the site here.

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