An open house about the Grant Road widening project is being held tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at College Place, 1601 N. Oracle Road.

The press release says amongst other things they will provide information about the street and landscapes as well as bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Check out the entire release on the Arizona Daily Star’s website. Get more information about the plan here.

If you make it to the meeting, please be sure to comment on this post with details.

11 thoughts on “Grant Road widening open house tonight”
  1. Just adding a bike lane next to cars traveling at 45 MPH won’t increase the bike friendliness of this road/project. Take space away from the landscaped median and create a physically protected bike lane.

  2. There is a plan to put bike boulevards north and south of the corridor, but the funds weren’t included in the project.

    But that image doesn’t look very friendly at all.

  3. I won’t be surprised to find more people riding their bikes on the sidewalk than on this portion of Grand Road.

    Also, those indirect left turns look weird. I want to see an animation of a truck turning with the bulbout.

  4. I don’t want to ride on Grant road whatever they do to it. I don’t want to ride on Broadway, Speedway or any of the arterials. I want bike routes through neighborhoods spaced every 1/2 mile that run the full distance of the community north / south and east / west. To do this, the city and county will need to make it part of their zoning requirements for new construction and they’ll also need to bust through some old neighborhoods.

  5. We pretty much have that now, with our nearly full grid of mostly deserted neighborhood streets, although the North-South routes aren’t nearly as full-length direct and handy as the East-West ones.

    I really like how all the car drivers in this town always take the most direct bee-line to a major arterial no matter where they’re going or how short the trip, and leave all the secondary streets to us.

  6. Good point, Scott!

    But what about the grid interface problem for cyclists?

    (In the Old Pueblo a grid is about a mile square, so these grids need to connect…)

  7. If you put the bike lane between the sidewalk and the landscape that would be cool. I don’t live or ride in that area so don’t count my vote much. I’m just saying, a lot of people on this site don’t feel safe on busy streets, and from reading the roundup links I think most people everywhere would rather have protected bike lanes. Just sayin’.

  8. Scott,
    I’m glad that you can get where you want, but there are several roadblocks surrounding my home. Tucson’s streets are chopped up by highways, rivers, train tracks,shopping centers, enclosed subdivisions, schools, apartment complexes, etc. Let’s get together sometime and we can look at a map and compare my thoughts to what we actually have.

  9. I think it would serve cyclists well to leave the car-approach to getting somewhere in the driveway. We’re on bicycles and it’s to our benefit to take advantage of the non-beeline routes to places. Look around and notice things you haven’t seen before-things you can’t see from a car. Smile, say hello; be a little social. I wouldn’t like ‘bike-riding’ to become just ‘car-driving’ on two wheels.

  10. This is my point exactly – I understand that this becomes less the case the further one goes out into the surrounding sprawl-zone of separate little insular walled-off cul-du-sac developments, but the body of Tucson central (roughly within I-10, the Rillito, and the Pantano) is pretty thoroughly covered with mostly empty residential streets. Sure you’ve got to *cross* an arterial every mile or so, but that’s a lot less hassle than riding on one. Sure you’ve got to occasionally jog a block or three if a street doesn’t go directly through, but not being in the usual big hurry is what makes bike travel so much more enjoyable than car travel.

  11. OR like this17′ landscaped median, 11′ travel, 11′ travel, 11′ travel, 1′ stripe, 12′ landscape, 14′ bike/sidewalk So the roadway would be 34′ instead of 40′ (I am not fan of road widening) We need to cater LESS to cars! and cater MORE to bike and pedestrians

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