From left to right: Owners, Robert Mayer, Tommy Margaritis and Kai Kaapro before they launched their business a little over a year ago.

The Trolley Pub is riding out of Tucson… for now.

The owners of the pedal powered party mobile announced on their Facebook page that they were leaving the Old Pueblo because of the streetcar construction.

Here’s what they said:

First, the bad news. Trolley Pub is leaving Tucson at the end of next month. The streetcar construction has taken a huge toll on our business and it no longer makes sense to operate. We love Tucson and we’re glad we’ve been able to show so many folks a good time. This has been a very difficult decision.

The good news is our business has wheels. Come next year, after the construction is completed, we intend to return!

Pedal on, Tucson.

-The Trolley Pub Team

The owners said they are likely going to San Antonio for the year while the construction is completed.

The Trolley pub would essentially traverse the University and Fourth Avenue area to hit up several of the bars and clubs along the route, but with the construction, there wasn’t too many places that were easily accessible and fewer people are going down to the area to begin with.

They will still be rolling until the end of August.

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