Potholes referenced in this morning’s Arizona Daily Star, have been fixed.

Jim Glock, the city’s director of transportation said the potholes were filled at 10 a.m.

State Representative Daniel Patterson sent an email to Tucson’s Department of Transportation director Jim Glock requesting the city repair the holes.

Jim — Please fix these holes this week. I know TDoT has a tough job with limited resources, but this danger is a risk to some of my constituents who live south of Broadway and ride bikes north to UA. Bad potholes can cause death or injury to cyclists, as I’m sure you know.

Patterson was pleased with the city’s response.

There is some interesting math happening in the comment section of the Star’s article about how much wear and tear cars and bikes put on streets. Of course there is the usual comments about bikes not belonging on the road.

6 thoughts on “Tucson fixes potholes that pose risk to cyclists”
  1. Now if we could get them to fix the huge crevasse on the southbound bike lane of Mountain just north of campus that would be great. I see cyclists swerve radically into traffic too often right there to avoid that! Or Second St through campus, or Park, or 4th Ave…

    Good lights for riding at night and quick reactions seem to be the only solution to biking on Tucson’s deteriorating streets.

  2. Is there a number to call, e-mail, or other way of contacting the city for fixing dangerous potholes?

  3. Hi, Mickey,

    You can call 791-3154 or you can check out the site: SeeClickFix.com.

    The website allows you to add photos and submit descriptions. They have smart phone apps too submit the problems on the go.

  4. Hi,
    Can you have them sweep off the 10th Ave bike lanes please. There’s so much debris in them that they’re 95% unusable. Thanks. Just send a street sweeper over them. That won’t cost money. 🙂

  5. I noticed this today! I bike Cherry daily commuting to work and those potholes were dangerous. I’m very grateful.

    I have to say, though, that Cherry remains an awful, awful street for biking. Perhaps if I had a mountain bike it’s be more forgiving, but it’s bone-jarring and nearly unrideable on my road bike, particular on the edges of the road.

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